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Transmission Planning & Implementation
 Network Support Services

Transmission system is the nervous system of the cellular network. Its potential, robustness & redundancy so defined make the backbone of a stronger cellular network. This makes the planning of transmission system extremely critical component of network planning. Therefore, Kala Telecom Private Limited has buffet of services in this domain:

  • Backbone & Access network dimensioning.
  • Selection of Transmission media: Microwave PDH, SDH, Optical Fibre etc.
  • Upgradation of existing Txn network.
  • Technical & LOS site surveys.
  • Redundancy & Ring structure planning.
  • Installation & Commissioning of Microwave Hops.
  • Upgrading Hops from PDH to SDH.
  • MW link level planning and interference analysis

 Transmission Planning &     Implementation
 IBS Planning &     Implementation
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