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IBS Planning & Implementation
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In-building solutions technology is one of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts. It has been estimated that 70-90% of all mobile calls are made inside the buildings; therefore to improve the QOS, operators today have started concentrating more on this aspect of network rollouts.
The most efficient way to achieve optimal quality, coverage & capacity result inside the building is to use Microcell with Distributed Antennae System (DAS)
The key essentials for a potential IBS system are:-

  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS.
  • Design Distributed Antenna system using passive & active elements and, Prepare complete Link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP proposal report.
  • Implementation of IBS solution with best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of building.
  • LOS & Link Planning to connect site.
  • RF parameter planning, RF walk test and call quality testing.

KALA Telecom Private Limited has set up the vertical to support operators in rolling out IBS network & gathered both planning tools and professionals for attaining quality rollouts with utmost levels of customer satisfaction

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