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Quality of Service (QOS) today can be defined as “guaranteeing levels of network performance”, which is an external measure often provides the customer perspective of the Network Quality.

QOS has gained more importance with the advent of “Mobile Number Portability (MNP)”, which is in the hot agenda today, and the cause of major concern for Telecom Operators, as with lower levels of QOS subscribers will be having a luxury to switch to the service provider with higher QOS levels retaining the same mobile number. Therefore, Network Support Services today has to essentially aim for improving QOS.

With the increase of criticality of QOS, Kala Telecom Private Limited has engineered this vertical with customized services which targets improvement of QOS. 

Our Key services in Network Support Services domain are:

  • Benchmarking of Network.
  • Daily GOS report analysis & Suggesting physical & parametric changes.
  • Analysis and evaluation of network upgrades.
  • Providing Engineers & tools on man – month basis.
  • To qualify for TERM.
  • Network Audits.
  • Network Technical Support Services & Complaints handling.
Proactive planning for mob gathering events like Sports venues, Political meetings, Social get-togethers, Religious gatherings etc.


 Network Support Services
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